As Women's Day was approaching, Packhelp thought that it would be nice to give a shoutout to all relentless female founders and co-founders for all the hard work they are doing.

Packhelp wanted to know what's behind the idea of our Public-Art-Shirts and conducted a short interview with Michaela Strotmann, Founder Ethical Made.

How did you come up with the idea of staging sustainable fashion as “wearable art”?

Michaela: Art has always influenced fashion and offers exciting new opportunities for both worlds, but when the creative connection goes beyond that and contributes to climate protection, truly extraordinary and sustainable projects emerge.

That's why I created Ethical Made. It's about tasteful, fashionable street style that can bring a small piece of individuality into your everyday life.

What does success mean to you?

Michaela: I view success as a multi-faceted construct—integrating achievements in all aspects of my life such as personal (to live a sustainable lifestyle with as little of an impact on the Earth as possible), professional (to continuously integrate ethical and sustainable standards into our business - betting against fast fashion), communities (together, we strive to reach climate neutrality and to improve the conditions within global textile supply networks), and family (spending time with those I love).

I realized the importance of being multidimensional. These dimensions of my life give me the happiness and strength I need to make an impact in the world, to achieve more success in a way that brings value to others - not as our current economic framework assumes, just from making money.

Who inspires you?

  1. Vivienne Westwood
  2. Kate Williams 
  3. Sara Blakely 
  4. Beatrice Dixon 
  5. Vicky Tsai

Tell us more about your brand

Michaela: Ethical Made is the new contemporary art-focused, small batch sustainable clothing brand based in Cologne, Germany focused on ethical fashion, designed to actively do something against climate change. Hence, their motto is ‘Per Product One Tree Planted’.

La vie est belle

The next time you want a "Tee that tells a story", you can order it from Ethical Made to make an eco-conscious choice and to reduce your carbon footprint and help make the earth a better place.

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Thank you Michaela and good luck with your every endeavor. You totally deserve it!